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What does TCS Financial Services do?
A: TCS is a wealth management firm specializing in the following service areas:
  • Investments
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance
Unsure if we can assist with your specific needs? Please don't hesitate to ask.

Who does TCS do work for?
A: TCS primarily works with individuals, families and businesses, with much of our client list comprised of executives, lawyers, physicians and retirees. For clients who are interested in using our investment advisory services, due to billing based on assets under management, we recommend having minimum investable assets valued at $50K or greater.

How does TCS perform their services?
A: TCS Financial Services performs its work using methods personalized to each client's situation, A variety of industry leading software and web based technology assist us in providing a relationship and convenience not found with other firms. TCS Financial performs all of its work as a fiduciary with your best interest in mind regarding all suggestions and direction of actions

Why is TCS in business?
A: TCS Financial Services was established to fill a void in the financial industry. After surveying the landscape, we believed there were a lack of qualified financial advisors who were both independent and offered comprehensive, yet personalized, services. In 2005, we sought to fill this void by establishing TCS Financial Services, and designed it to serve as a medium to educate clients while providing a firm focused on the above issues. TCS is in practice to offer our clients unique tools, a solid philosophy, and operating practices which we believe are most beneficial to our clients' well-being.

How is TCS Financial Services different from other financial advisory firms?
A: TCS differs from the competition in several key areas, including our technical expertise, the market, our services and our delivery method.
  • Firm principal Lawrence Wiswall, Jr. is a CFP® , ensuring the highest levels of ethical and professional service
  • TCS is an independent firm which operates on a fee-based basis. In comparison, larger broker dealers generally charge commission, which can encourage excessive selling or preferential recommendations of products with higher commission.
  • We have a solid wealth management philosophy and core-satellite investment approach
  • TCS participates in continuing education, and also believes in educating our clients
  • TCS believes in providing low fee products, when possible, to derive the greatest value

Why hire TCS?
A: Consumers in need of investment management, financial planning or Insurance needs should hire TCS because:
  • We offer comprehensive services
  • We have our clients' needs at heart, and develops custom plans based on interviews, tolerances and preferences
  • We are accessible, and provide the tools and communication mechanisms (including TCS FAST™) to keep you informed of your investments 24/7
  • Unlike brokers, who often just sell suitable products, we have a fiduciary duty to uphold.

How do you know you can trust TCS?
A: While anyone can call themselves a financial planner, TCS Financial Services is a state registered investment advisory firm. In addition:
  • We are members of the FPA and a Certified Financial Planner™ Practioner.
  • We have no complaints against us-and never have had any.
  • Unlike some other firms, we do not take custody of our customers' funds.
  • If you'd like to speak to one of our current clients, just ask. We're happy to provide references.

Q. Why does TCS want you as a client?
A: At TCS, we believe in working with clients whose success we can help cultivate. If you're speaking with us, it's because you have been identified as someone who has already attained a high level of success, and has the potential-with our knowledge and assistance- to continue growing.

How does TCS bill its clients?
A: Billing varies based on the service provided. Financial planning fees are generally a flat fee, but smaller projects can be billed on an hourly basis. In addition, some planning is included when a client has Asset Management with TCS Financial Services. Asset management fees are billed quarterly in advance, adjusted for the past quarter. Fees are based on a graduated scale, determined by activity and total value of assets under management.

Q. What can I expect from TCS?
A: Personalized service, TCS Financial Services is dedicated to offering customized service, the latest product knowledge, true professionalism, continued communication and constant accessibility.

We conduct extensive interviews with every client to determine your personal asset values, risk tolerances and investment priorities, and strive to get to know our clients, their families and community involvement. All of the information we gather helps us to better prepare a plan for your financial future.

Once we have created your client profile, we draft a plan and review it with you. After making any necessary adjustments, we deliver the final plan. Then, if you so choose, we implement the plan over the following year on your behalf.

At TCS, we pride ourselves on communicating with our clients frequently. This is why we distribute a bi-monthly newsletter, make ourselves available for face-to-face meetings throughout the year, provide 24/7 telephone access and prepare quarterly and annual customer account reports.

To learn more about TCS Financial Services and view our new client presentation, click here.